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The Complex World of Music Licensing and Royalties, Simplified @ Blokur

Mike Christensen
January 3rd, 2022 · 1 min read

I was kindly invited to speak to the lovely folks at Venturi on their technology podcast to discuss the wild world of music rights and royalties - which is what I spend my time working on at Blokur.

I had a great time and really enjoyed the conversation. Among other topics, we discussed:

  • How the internet has revolutionised the way we consume music
  • Why the royalty flow back to artists and creators is broken
  • How Blokur connects the dots between rights holders, creators and music users
  • The culture we are trying to foster at Blokur
  • A discussion of some of the cutting edge technologies we are working with at Blokur.

You can find the episode here:

If you’ve got comments, questions or feedback you can reach me on Twitter or email mike (at) ✌️

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